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Many thanks to my awesome friend Mariana for the SET scans. :D

The Brazilian magazine made a special coverage dedicated to the new Star Trek film (or Jornada nas Estrelas) with exclusive interviews with J.J. Abrams, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, John Cho and Zoe Saldana. :)

– Magazines: SET (Brazil) – April 2009

Zachary Quinto – Pure Logic

Zachary Quinto explains how he built his Spock

How was it to face 6,000 fans at Comic-Con alongside Leonard Nimoy?
I don’t think I realized how big it would be until it happened. It was emblematic, something that we capture better when we’re looking back than when we’re experiencing it. Even so, I was very calm, in my mind it all made sense. I have to say that realizing that we can do what we set ourselves out to do and seeing the reaction it causes in other people is a lesson in humbleness.

Since you were cast to be Spock in Star Trek, it’s impossible not noticing the physical similarity between you and Nimoy. Did you think at any given moment that it was final for your choice?
I don’t think it was the reason, and I never thought I looked particularly like Leonard. But what’s scary is that, after taking the role, I noticed how some photos of mine as a child were simply identical to Leonard… (laughs) It’s the way the world tells us some important things, I guess…

Leonard was surprised too?
I’ll tell you something, I first met him in the elevators at Comic-Con, minutes before we went on stage and faced the crowd you mentioned earlier. It was literally the first time we saw each other. We were both in the elevator, and I froze, I had no idea what to tell him, I simply introduced myself, very formal. When we were about to go on stage, he touched my shoulder and said “You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into, boy,” smiled and went on. Then I can say that I had the honor of becoming his friend, which fills me with pride.

Are you a sci-fi fan?
No, in fact, it’s a coincidence. I’ve never thought that the genre would be so decisive in my career. I have a theatrical background, I hope that my next work won’t have to do with green screens and hours of make-up. But I don’t have anything planned because, between this world tour to promote Star Trek and the filming of Heroes, I didn’t have any time left for absolutely anything.

Do you see a parallel between the Heroes fans and the Star Trek ones? Both have strong opinions…
To be honest, I don’t manage to follow either of them, it’s something that I’m not interested in, controlling what they think. The truth is that everyone has an opinion, and the Internet is a powerful way of spreading this opinion. My responsibility is with my work, and that’s my focus.

So your ego never gets affected?
Well, it’s a world that I’m not a part of. And it’s a vast world, of fans, blogging, discussion forums. It’s a technologic world, and I’m not technology savvy at all, which is disturbing in many ways, especially in socially networks. It’s not who I am.

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