This site is still under construction, the gallery is in the process of being completed and content will be added step by step. If there’s anything you like to share – self made wallpapers, magazine scans, etc. – feel free to e-mail me at zachquintonet[at], full credit will always be given. *g*

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Yes, you will find Papparazzi candids on here. I can’t say I’m overly enthusiastic for these kind of pics, and I will always try to keep it within limits. However, you are absolutely free to contact me with concerns, the need to discuss or if you think something is threatening Zach’s privacy. I will remove anything immediately that supports stalking him at his home, so please don’t hesitate to point anything out I might have missed.
Gossip, on the other hand, is not welcome here – it is of no concern for me who he is dating or was dating or might be dating. It’s not relevant for his work or who he is as a person.

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